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Career best 4th for Peter!

Career best 4th place in a PWA slalom for Peter at the first race of the year in Reggio Calabria!

Here is what he had to say.

PV:  Hi Avanti fans and friends,

Here is some news after a big drive to Lago di Garda, having a little breather before completing the 2500 km journey back to Holland.

I am happy with my result at the first PWA event of the season at Reggio Callabria, the first PWA event for us on Avanti Sails with a 4th place. It has not taken long to get used to the sails since gettting them beginning of January!

After winning the Lancelin ocean classic in front of the world champion, beating my personal open water speed record at Leucate with a 45.7 knots 500 meter run, now a 4th place at this 1st PWA event when only 1 slalom round was completed, is also a little success in my opinion, while it’s my career best PWA result in slalom racing so far.

This sets me up well for the overall 2012 ranking where consistency is the name of the game, hopefully at the next event we will complete more rounds making for a tighter battle. I am confident with all sail sizes and the entire board range that I helped develop for Fanatic, so bring it on! It may also be said that I have been struggling in the light winds over the years in slalom racing, now I was on the 9.4 without any problem of stability in the sail, the light weight and power out of the gybes was a welcome asset.

From the start of the event the wait was long, day in day out we were on hold from the early morning till the evening to try and get a result. Finally the second last day a miracle happened: all of a sudden and not forecasted, we could see a massive wind line arriving from the North which sent me into the back of my van, scrambling together my rig quickly to be one of the first out on the water. I managed to work my way into the final with consistency, starting safe making sure not to go over early (which used to be my trademark at the first event in the last few seasons). The next day the wind arrived late, after 5 pm to finish off the round.
In the final, I got of a decent start above and a bit behind Bjorn and Gonzalo with not as much speed off the line as I sheeted in late but at least in clean air.
I went around the course and had Antoine and Jimmy in my vision; Jimmy I could overtake at the last gybing mark into 4th place, with a smooth and powerful gybe.

A special mention for Finian, who’s been having a series of bad luck first stepping into a broken glass bottle in Leucate during training, it could have happened to me as we were both walking our gear out to deeper water to launch. It was a while to recover in the middle of training and preparing, getting his stitches out the day before the event that were put in underneath his heel where he pushes against the board, and then going straight into a painful neck/shoulder injury back to back, going from a really fine form 2 weeks before the event to having a tough time to race. I am sure it was stressful for him, with so much coming down to this first event, I don’t envy that being a team rider who can really just only focus on the race.

Finian, good recovery for Korea, you will surely come back fighting hard for the top places again, hopefully with a bit more windy days then we have had at this first event and better chances.

Looking forward to Korea for our second event of the year early May racing against the best windsurfers in the world with one goal: to reach the podium.

Enjoy, have fun and ciao!