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User feedback report on AVANTI sails by Caspar Verhaagen, Purmerend, NL


User feedback report on AVANTI sails by Caspar Verhaagen, Purmerend, NL

“Some feedback on the use of my AVANTI sails seems appropriate, as I own for a few month now a 7,7  8,5 and 10 meter. The boards I use are Fanatic?s Falcon 2012 and a JP 154 SLW. Fins are Select’s VMax. Most sailing is performed on inside lakes under gusty wind conditions. My level is advanced amateur, 175 length and 80 Kg weight. Experience with other sails brands and boards is more than adequate to enable a fair comparison. Beforehand I like to give no excuses on the below positive feedback report. To put this straight: Not in any way I am connected to AVANTI.

Why have I taken the risk of buying sails from  a new player on the market ? In this case the promises of very low weight in combination of a huge wind range, good handling and new mast technology was for me the trigger to give it a fair chance. Especially my need for a large light wind sail (9 ,5 or 10 meters) with the best possible handling and wind range was of enormous importance.

For obvious reasons the main question is: Could AVANTI hold his promise on sail performance? Below feedback holds true for all three sail sizes and contains the major performance related issues.

Rigging is a joy. Simply apply downhaul 12 to 15 cm below max. Push the cambers below and above the boom on the mast. Boom can be mounted easily after applying the cambers below and above the boom. Apply the boom (set on recommended setting). Push the lowest camber. Apply some more downhaul  to put on the highest camber(s). Inside clew ? C-clip? handling is best performed with fully down hauled sail. Handling on the beach is like carrying a sail of 1,5 meters smaller.

Feeling of the sails on the water is very very light, with a perfect balance (also when not on the plane). The time it takes to go from the early planing state to the normal end speed is very short. Instant acceleration could also be the description. Often leaving your mates in frustration. May be the best description is: A very soft forgiving feeling in combination with good acceleration under a wide wind range. Outhaul adjustment is very effective. Range around +2 to -4 cm. Power control is maybe a better name. The moment you feel I can?t handle this amount of power?.simply apply more outhaul. Boom position was more than OK for a guy of 175. I could use the boom position half way! Hence very good news for the smaller riders .

The balance of the sails in low to super over powered conditions is remarkable. Always it is easy to run the course (or to continue) how you like to perform under very changing wind conditions. This holds for a very high up wind run to deep downwind. E.g. the normal tendency to go (only) upwind when a real gust hit you is totally ignorant. It is a shame that these sails are not available in formula sizes! Sail stability is best described by the statement: My lines are only 5 cm apart, independent of wind strength.

Both low and high-end are extremely good. For the first time I am as quick on a plane as the best on our spot. And????changing sails to a smaller size is a lot less required. Sailing the 10 when others are on 7 meters is very well possible now. Also when sailing in max upwind, the boom end never hits the water. To find the ideal ? locked?  stance was never so easy. Even under very gusty conditions you are able to keep the line you like to follow.

Looking to down force and side force, at least the amount of side force is a lot less than all other sails I ever used. Best showing that shorter fins can be used or/and boards with smaller width. Very nice if you like to use a 10 meter sail! The amount of downhaul is influencing the down force as well. More downhaul gives less down force as on any modern race sail. Hence to free your board put more downhaul.

Camber rotation is average. Break in (at least 5X sailing) will improve that. The cambers themselves are robust. Rotation can be improved by taking away some material on top of the camber. As expected visibility through the sail is a little hampered due to the relatively small clear window. For me this is the only small negative aspect of these sails.

The overall impression on sail performance is very positive. Not mentioned, but really an eye catcher are the looks of the sails. Very technical and well fabricated. The masts are a class on their own. Never seen masts so well fabricated and  good looking. It is much too early to put a statement on mast lifetime. But at least after 15 sessions with the 10 meter it is close to impossible to see any camber marks on the 530 mast (but…no sand environment!!).”