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Avanti NED 2013 Introduction

Introduction of the 2013 Avanti line in the Netherlands

The 2013 Avanti line was recently introduced at Kater in the Netherlands during a combined session with the Ghost of Speed movie. The Ghosts of Speed movie is a modern concept documentary, starring some of the fastest windsurfers in the Netherlands and showing watersports action and the beautiful scenery of The Netherlands. The movie maker is Angelo Pecere.

Over 100 surfers attended the Avanti introduction and movie. Danny Kater was introducing the NL Avanti team and the 2013 Wave and Freestyle Avanti line.

The team consists of: Peter de Wit (Speed), Dirk Doppenberg (Slalom and Formula), Kevin van Duijn (Wave and Freestyle), Ronald Tanis (Freestyle), Jeffrey Spits (Freestyle) and Danny Kater (Freestyle and Slalom).

A few highlights of the M1 / M1-X were discussed. The looks are extraordinary and very high tech looking.

– Feeling and handling on the water are unique.
– Sails feel soft AND direct, weight is soo low.
– Rigging is a joy.
– Trim?.until the sail response becomes very light.
– Power trim via outhaul. No change in pressure point !! Extra turbo in your hands.
– Windrange is enormous. You are at risk of being first away and longest on the water.
– Laminated sail material is very strong and resistant against wear.
– TowPro masts are very strong and good looking. Cambers show no signs on the mast.
– Differences M1 ? M1-X according to available info on the Avanti WEB.

The Kater Avanti service concept is unique in the windsurf world.

Each and every Avanti user will have access to the special Avanti forum. This forum will support questions, tips & tricks, hands on help sessions and detailed documentation via a professional team. The A-team will take care of all technical questions and issues. The team consist of Peter Volwater, Peter de Wit, Caspar Verhaagen and Kater. If required also Finian and Dan Kaseler can be consulted.

Good sailing,

The Avanti Netherlands Team