Avanti Windsurfing Sails NL

Machine Franse Testwinnaar

We zijn erg trots de TEST WINNAAR te zijn van ’s werelds belangrijkste Race Sail Test, uitgevoerd door Arnaud Deschamps van het franse blad Planchemag!

Onderstaand wat de testcrew te zeggen had:

“Clearly lighter in the hands, the Avanti possesses the softest material and the feeling is different from other sails so it gives a soft power.

The pull is less brutal, therefore more comfortable and less explosive than average which is more discreet with so many horses under the hood so this is the one that seems the most in harmony with the wind and the water making it immune to chop and gusts.

Driving is more linear, and more balanced, therefore more comfortable and less physical so the Avanti is more powerful and more gradual as conditions become difficult so the ease and comfort comes into play when accounting its’ final performance and we appreciate it is less tiring, feeling less difficult, and not moving with the gusts.

Its biggest strength? Its operating range, wider than others especially in strong winds and in the jibe, it is mild and tender with a camber rotation that is soft and sometimes lacks a little snap in light winds.


With the largest range of utilization the Avanti is a very powerful sail which provides a complimentary bit of tenderness in comfort and lightness compared to the competition so one is less fatigued after a day of sailing.


Lightness, construction beautiful to the eye and more robust, comfort, flexibility, a huge range of utilization.  It is easy to get performance out of this sail.”