Avanti Windsurfing Sails NL

Avanti means forward..


Forward we go..!

In the last couple years, Avanti hasn’t had elite PWA slalom results to back its products. Like an NFL team that makes the tough decision to replace their aging starting quarterback, Avanti is charging forward to rebuild and refresh its team.  We are a results driven company.  Finian Maynard will not move forward with us as we drive our brand into the future.

Everyone in the group is chomping at the bit to inject fresh blood into our slalom and testing programs.  When you have the best technology, you want the best riders to prove it.  Right now, we are actively pursuing an athlete to become the face of our race program going forward.  For our freestyle and wave riders, we are super stoked to continue with Youp, and we congratulate Camille on his current lead in the AWT.

Regarding products, the innovation has just begun.  Our ability to individually laminate structural membranes has continued to evolve, and we still have a considerable edge on others in the market.  With better software, and better mapping algorithms, there are huge gains at our fingertips.

Going forward, product design will continue to be spearheaded by founding member, Dan Kaseler.  Dan?s long history of innovation in the industry is unmatched.  On the business side, Dennis Boisen will vastly expand his current duties as the International Sales Manager to run the company from his office in Europe.

We have an enormous opportunity in our hands today.  This ability to inject new talent into the group has massive potential, not only for our results on the race course, but for the overall quality of our products.  Everybody here is excited to take this step. 

Avanti means forward.  Forward we will go.

–Dan Kaseler