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PWA Fuerteventura 2015


Fuerte delivered and the Avanti Freestyle team was on fire.
Romain Pinocheau, Julien Mas and Youp Schmidt all gave their best and showcased some brilliant skills.
Youp has an arsenal of very explosive moves combined with high jumping makes him an absolute viking to watch.
Julien is very fluid and precise in his manoeuvres which show  a lot of grace and technique.
The real triumphant was Romain. The end result might now do him justice but the young man can rock. From a broad array of manoeuvres he with great skill put on a great show on the choppy waters of Fuerteventura.

Check out our large ensemble of photos from the event right here and read the riders comments to their event here below!

Youp Schimdt 11th
Julien Mas 11th
Romain Pinocheau 28th

Thanks guys,
You do us proud!


As everyone knew already last year this was the tour stop where I injured my knee very badly and by that happening I was forced to drop out of the PWA world tour for the rest of the year.Now coming back to Fuerteventura after the injury is one of the most exciting parts of my career.
As I got to Fuerteventura the wind was blowing like crazy and everybody was ripping on the water. I also had came a couple of days before the event to get used to the crazy Fuerteventura conditions. My first session there was really rough and hard on me but still had good fun on the water. The days after I started to get much more comfortable on the water and I was feeling more than ready to start the competition.

Day 1 of competition,  this was one of the roughest and hardest competition days in my career.
Although being so prepared and fit for the competition, I felt my sailing was not my best on the water and due that I had already lost in the third round of the elimination putting me on the 17th place which I was not happy with at all.
Losing on day 1, meant I had to really fight my way back up the ladder on day 2.

I was really motivated to work my way up that elimination ladder and get myself up there, but I was a little unlucky with my seating in the elimination ladder meaning my opponents we’re harder then ever. But I had put that out of my mind and went as hard as I could for it. I was stoked to make it threw 3 heats and to have improved my ranking that I messed up on day 1.
Day 3, the PWA decided to push the woman’s heat for a day.

After day 3 being a day to push the woman’s heats, all the men had gotten a chance to take a rest for a day and come back fit on day 4 of the competition.
Day 4 of the competition was one of the best days for me of the contest, I got to take out my favorite sail size which is the Avanti EchoME 4,4 and ripped up the day.

I was a little unlucky with my seating again in the elimination and ended up with a heat against the world champ, which ended up being too close and was a 2 to 1 decision with the judges and that sadly he had stopped me from climbing up that elimination ladder.
I was still very happy to have showed some high performance heats and killing it threw the heats before I was up against the world champ.

On the last day, day 5, I had to again fight my way back up the ladder to make it into the top 10 to make up from losing the day before against the world champ the day before, I was able to make good fight and win 5 heats in a row which brought me up to the 7th place which I was surely pretty happy and stoked about, but on the other hand I knew that I could have fought my way up even higher.

Looking back on all the competition days, I am still really happy to have made a nice come back on this tour stop and to be competing with the top guys on the world tour again.

Big thank you to Avanti Sails and 99NoveNove boards, for helping me have the perfect sails in my hands and great boards under my feet and feeling so comfortable on the water.
Next up is the PWA world tour stop in Sylt(Germany), for now I am heading back to my island to be training for the final World Cup stop on tour which will be happening by the end of September.

All the best,
Youp Schmit.

Romain Pinocheau

It was my second time in Fuerteventura and I was really excited and motivated before the event.

The event start with a strong windy day, I ring my 4.0 echo ME for the first heat. I lost with only 3 Moves each tack to 4 max. My opponent was a bit lucky and tried big moves and Landed it.
I forgot it and was focused on the double. I won my two first heats and I’ve been stopped by the bonairian Amado. I finished 17th on the double and I was happy with this result.

The second single started good with my 4.8 Echo ME, I won my first Heat and lost against Adrien Bosson. Actions was great but I feel something strange when I read the judges score..
The second double start very late at 7 pm. I lost my first heat with just 1 move on the inside. I fell 3 times because of the sun on my eyes, it was like a blind session. I’ll buy sunglasses for the next year !

For sure it was not a good event for me, but it was a great experience for the next years.


Julien Mas

Fuerteventura its now over for me and I’m going now to cr?te to train, I’m pretty happy with my first result in the double elimination and a bit sad to my second double elimination and to see how pwa judgment is not professional, I finished at least 11 but if actually if the judges open a bit more the eyes i could be 7 or 8 (2 mistakes on the paper).

But still really happy with my result 🙂

Ph credits John Carter, Kuma movie