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Julien Quentel pakt het goud!


After six days of the Fly! ANA Yokosuka PWA World Cup, we have a winner!

Julien Quentel takes the gold and jumps into an early lead on the world ranking for this season.

When interviewed just after the event, the raw talent was already looking towards Costa Brava and hoping for wind!

To prepare for the tour this year, Quentel spent time in Cape town, Tenerife where he took part in the TWS pro slalom training before going back to France to finish of his training there with the French group.

A big chance is evident this year in the way Julien is sailing, when comparing to last season. 2016 saw Quentel in 16 out of 18 finals, finishing 4th overall.
It was clear that to break into the top 3 and to be a top contender for the title, taking more chances were needed and pushing harder for the starts.

Julien fully implemented this strategy from the very first event in Korea, which unfortunately didn’t have a result. The result however did come in Japan.

Pushing for the start and being aggressive around the marks, led Julien to take the lead of the winners final and to cross the finishing line first

A video interview with Julien can be found here: https://youtu.be/oqXTtiZKlbM